Student Leaders Speak

Dear friends,

School is a place truly blessed. All of us have our own pre set goals and an ardent desire to achieve excellence with total dedication to make this come true.

SHANTHINIKETHANA SCHOOL has always been with us. Our institution enriches our strength, knowledge, culture, brotherhood and all the values of human life. All students in our institution make the best of their student ship and come out with flying colours.

It also fulfills the cherished aspirations of our parents. Out institution encourages us to learn the fundamental maxims of life and build a solid foundation in our progress. Education is an ability to perceive things better.

I hope all of us will bring laurels to this institution. I am proud to say that I was a member of Shanthinikethana Parivar. I wish you all the best for the years to come.

Pooja - 10 Std - 2014-15

Dear friends,

This institution has trained me so well and has helped me build my career through various educational programs, development courses, extracurricular activities and many more. We are the beautiful images carved by our loving teachers who are greater than sculptor.

"A better learning comes from a small school" is the phrase quoted by our school. Though the look appears to be small, it has many valuable things. Hundreds of students have bloomed to through this institution and they have reached their target.

Shanthinikethana English School is a beautiful platform where a student can completely secure and win the challenges of life. The institution has enabled superior level of achievement in every student's life. A good school plays a very important role in one's life. One such school is ours.

As a part of this parivaar we assure you that we would definitely bring name and fame to you.

Kishore - 10 Std - 2014-15