There is a growing concern on account of the different forms of influenza and viral fever affecting all age groups of children and adults alike.

Schools turn hubs of infections. The Shathinikethana is hygiene, we take preventive measures make campuses free of Aedes aegypti larve-breeding centres on the premises of schools.

The toilets regularly kept maintained & kept clean.


Safety Norms and Processes implemented @ Shanthinikethana School

Shanthinikethana School believes that child abuse and neglect are violations of a child’s rights and are obstacles to the child’s education as well as to their physical, emotional and social development.

Child Protection Mechanisms stipulate that it is the responsibility of the our school as per child protection policy to be considered one of the safest places for children.


Some key steps taken in our School

  • Security sentry at the gates.
  • Login Register at Gates.
  • CCTV in the campus.
  • Police Verification done to all Employees.
  • Trespassing by strangers to school strictly monitored.
  • ID CARDS for all Students & Parents & Guardians.
  • Awareness of Child Protection Act, Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act &Juvenile Justice imparted to Parents & Students.
  • Management, Principal, Director, Teachers, Non teaching staff, Drivers, Male Attenders & Female Ayahs have undergone intensive training in child rights and child protection. Suggestion/Complaint Box provided to ensure that the concerns of students will be addressed by the Principal on a daily basis.
  • Child welfare Committee Formed - Comprises the Principal & two senior teachers to regularly monitor the health and safety of students.
  • Fire evacuation drills conducted twice a year .
  • Evacuation plan displayed in all classrooms.
  • Trained fire wardens to fight fire & assist children in evacuation.
  • Trained first aiders to help unwell/ injured children Health & Safety Committee.
  • Special programs (Workshop) for the girl child and the boy child separately.
  • Periodic Awareness program about strangers outside school or home.
  • Displayed Child Helpline 1098 Makkala Sahaya Vani.
  • Orientation to parents about child safety.
  • The Schools has a first-aid & fire extinguisher available to deal with a medical emergency.
  • Schools provides filtered water to children.

Children will be handed over to the authorised escort only on showing Escort ID card.


Parents or authorised persons should show the ESCORT ID card at the gate and collect their children.

Without ID card children will not be handed over. In such cases,
(i) the responsible person will submit a Xerox copy of a valid ID and
(ii) give a request letter to the principal asking her to allow the student, to be escorted out by the responsible person.

As per the recent Government policy (Police and Education ) on children's safety guideline's kindly, follow the instructions given below:
(i) Student ID, Van ID and Escort Cards are important.
(ii) Please ensure display of ID card by your ward when he /she enters school premises.

Always carry Escorts Card to collect your ward from school or school van.

The authorized persons with the escort card will be allowed to take the ward from the school.