Management Team



God is my inspiration in what were I do, for growing its honour we give the best curriculum and state of art facility. Shanthinikethana School provides ideal education to prepare the children for this century. The school offers strong academic programs in all basic fields of study which provide spiritual, mental and physical growth. We prepare our children to be future model citizens. Preparation of young children for significant achievements, with leadership qualities and service for the interdependent and multicultural world, is the mission of our school. We are sure you will join hands with us in gaining the goodwill of our community. The doors of this institution are always open.



Shanthinikethana school is based on the ideals of Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘dream school’ where a large number of boys, girls and teachers interact like a family, sharing common high aspirations like, simple living and noble effort, to be in contact with nature on the one hand and the Indian spirit of joy on the other. We stress that real education is got in a stimulating atmosphere, which is one’s experience at Shanthinikethana. We take care of the individual needs of every child and aspire for a holistic development of each child.



My hearty congratulations to you for choosing Shanthinikethana school as your child’s alma mater. The school provides a large number of opportunities for expressing all the latent talents of the students-be it academic, co-curricular or extracurricular activities. The infrastructure and other support facilities available on campus will enable the student to “explore experiment and expand” in a way that will make him a useful member of the society. I appeal to you to not only be aware of the educational program designed for your child but also be a part of the process.



The Guru – We bring together leadership qualities and moral values from the life and teachings of SriRabinaranath Tagore in the lives of our children by inspiration, emulation and example. We seek to west these aims and objectives before our children and wish to develop in them the qualities stated above at every stage of their life. We aim at moulding children into god fearing, responsible and useful citizens with a vision for future. The confludence of intelligent and energetic young children makes it a unique and healthy educational environment. The curriculum has been thoughtfully designed accordingly.


Vice Chairman

Shanthinikethna is a temple of learning where children can learn in different methods. We want them to develop their abilities in physical, intellectual and moral aspects. We start with morning excercises and meditation and end with remedial teaching. We offer many activities for the over all development of the children and to complete in this challenging world. We assure you that we will give the best education to your children and make them the best individuals of our society.