International Policy of the School

  • The international policy of collaboration and co – operation with the schools in other countries, was initiated by our Chairman, Mr. K Narayanappa and Secretary, Mrs. Anasuya Narayan. They visited a couple of schools in U.S.A namely Thousand Oaks High School and Montessori School of Agoura, Hills Agoura in 2013. Further our Principal, Mrs. Shwetha Sumanth and Vice – Chairman, Mr. Sumanth Narayan visited Pinecrest Elementary School, California and Westlake Elementary School, California in 2013 in U.S.A. Vice – Chairman Mr. Sumanth Narayan visited Punggol View Primary School in Singapore and also attended CII Academic leadership Conference in July 2016 , Singapore. The Conference covered areas like curriculum development ,Industry Institute Interaction ,Basic and Applied Research ,Institutional administration , exploring faculty and student exchange, Policy interventions and regulation, explore and exchange ideas, opportunities and discuss norms, quality standards.
  • Realizing the benefit of partnering with schools abroad the managing committee as a formulated an international policy for the school.
  • Students will be trained to become global citizens by adding extra inputs into the curriculum and exposing them to a wide range of cultures, traditions and activities.
  • To make students realize and appreciate that the world is an amalgam of diverse History , Culture , Heritage ,Tradition and Technology.
  • To make available and engage students in creative and innovative activities to enable them to acquire free expression and to prepare students to celebrate International Culture days and Science days to make them sensitive to a variety of global issues and develop critical thinking followed by optimal judgment.
  • To encourage students to communicate regularly with the students of partners schools using information Communication Tools like E-mail, Facebook , Whatsapp or Instragram suitable to their level to make them aware and train them in understanding the principles , methods and strategies followed by partner schools to relate themselves and adapt to the existing Environment as responsible human beings.
  • To provide students with opportunity and guidance to travel abroad either as a part of the school programme or on their own along with their parents.
  • To arrange workshops and seminars with the help of the British Council for students and staff to formulate plan and implement activities and programmes related to the policy mentioned above.