Future Plans

Shanthinikethana School regularly plans for the future.

We have made available below some of the future plans we wish to realize.

  • After starting on the execution of the future plans for 2017 to 2020, we will post the developments in the School website.
  • We will introduce the concept of touring the nearby states first and the rest of the states of India every year. Students will be exposed to (a) Historical monuments of the respective states and (b) Eco – tourism destinations in those states.
  • Students will be taken in batches of 40 making it convenient to manage.
  • We will have partnership with Dhaatu for a period of 3 years with the hope that Students from classes 5 to 10 will have on- going training in puppet making , choosing themes , writing script , selecting costumes and puppetry.
  • Regular visits will be arranged to the department of child care and child safety under the Social Welfare Ministry of Karnataka State. This will keep our students and teachers in the know of instances of Child Abuse , statistics, the training imparted in Karnataka and other states, action taken by the department concerned and further legislation made by the government of Karnataka.
  • We will improve upon the present system of teaching music and dance in the school. They will be integrated and a core group of musicians, a both vocal and instrumental and dancers and dance teachers will be formed. Students from classes 1 to 10 will be trained according to their level of perception , reception and trainability. They will be trained in choosing, training and putting up dance drama shows for the school, the parents and the public. Further , they will also be trained in sample dance forms of other countries.
  • Bangalore being a metropolitan city , has numerous newspapers, magazines and periodicals in which professional and amateur caricaturists work. The school will make use of cartoonists and caricaturists to train our children in their respective fields at a level suitable to them. We also plan to hold caricature and cartoon shows for the school , the parents and the public.
  • Ours is one of the fastest growing schools in Bangalore. Therefore our future plans are also growth oriented. ISA activities and exposure will help in future ; hence we wish to continue with the British Council.