Environment Day- E-Prithvi- For a better tomorrow

Environment day is a chance for everyone to reflect and act on issues affecting the world's climate. A week long competitions and activities were conducted to mark its significance and it was a successful way to teach students the importance of preserving the environment.
The valedictory function programs on 'save our Environment' included display of charts, working models, handmade items from best out of waste, marathon walk with placards and cultural programmes.
Rally - Go green by high school students to create awareness to the locality regarding the power of green .E-Prithvi, the logo of our school for the Environment day.

Spectrum Day

This is a unique opportunity to view the multi talented activities of children.
Projects and displays in Languages, Science, Maths, Social Studies, Art & Craft, Physical Education and Fine Arts will be presented for your viewing.
Parents are also participated in this mega event by submitting items in the following fields.

Honey - Honey School Day

Independence Day

Shanthinikethana school ground Girinagar
Timings: 09.30am to 12.30 pm

APPEAL TO PUBLIC/VISITORS - To bring a sense of belonging, integrity, patriotism & nationalism we are creating a concept TAG(Tricolor Audience Gallery). Visitors can come in any shades of Orange, White, Green & occupy the viewer’s gallery.

Program Highlights