(For Voice Therapy) : Bhajans, Shishu Geetha, Patriotic Songs, Devotional Songs.

Culture & Tradition : Reciation of Bhagavad Gita, Slokas, Vishnu Sahasranama & Dakshinamurthy Asthakam, Story telling & Celebration of Festivals

Craft : For more Sensitiveness, Innovations, Creativity and to increase Concentration

Moral Education

Adhering to ethical and moral principles. Enhancing the values of life and culture, arising from the sense of right and wrong. Enacting stories, dramas, etc…,

Communication Skills

Activity of conveying information, tapping the talent to develop listening, understanding, reading and expressing.


Physical fitness, strengthening of muscles and bones, defense techniques, self protection for girls.

Abacus, Vedic Mental Maths

To eradicate math phobia, suthra conversion, verification, vedic & maths, mental math, numerical activities are provided. It removes the fear of mathematics and makes the process of learning very enjoyable. It develops concentration, creativity, listening and comprehension skills among children. Improves calculation power. This system helps students toreduce finger counting, to reduce silly mistakes helps to keep the method is direct, simple and keep the students' mind alert. It even enhances the memory power.

Yoga and Meditation

To promote and control body and mind to attain physical and spiritual well being for positive energy,strengthening of joints, smooth body systems and de–stressing.

Multiple Intelligence Activities

Involving more than one skill to get profited from experience. Adoption of MI based classroom teaching to make the matter more understandable and to involve compulsory participation of every student. Using of concept map and mind map.

External Assessments

We encourage the students to participate in ASSEST,SOFO & EDUHEAL examination which is conducted as an annual feature.It is playing a great role in creating highly competitive young minds. It is an educational initiative based on detailed research and formidable database of student learning. It takes a systems approach in order to improve the quality learning.This exam is conducted with an object of promoting GK, LOGICAL & ANAYTICAL skills among the younger generation.