About Trust

The emergence of Shanthinikethana school itself if of a great importance. The Kutadri Education Trust in the year 1991-1992 established it with a divine background and the sole intention to serve the mankind.

Objective of the trust

The trust shall implement the following objects :

  1. To start and maintain educational institutions like schools, colleges, Diploma courses, technical or otherwise and to provide educational facilities without any discrimination as to caste, creed of sex or nationality.
  2. To take up publication of printing of books, journals and other publications on any subject, and sale of the same on no profit, no loss basis.
  3. To extend assistance, financial or otherwise to the needy and deserving students.
  4. To acquire construct and maintain hostels and boarding homes for the benefit of students.
  5. To assist students to pursue their academic, professional and other studies by providing scholarships, hostel facilities, supply of food, books and other requirements, free of cost of at concessional rates or otherwise and generally assistance, financial and/or otherwise.
  6. To acquire construct, maintain and or manage libraries, laboratories, instruments, schools, colleges, public halls, reading rooms and others, for the purpose of diffusion of knowledge.
  7. To diffuse useful, educational, literary, social, academic, professional and other knowledge.
  8. To promote, set up or maintain schemes, associations, or bodies for promotion or directly promote, set up and maintain clinics, hospitals ambulance services and general medical assistance.

The Trust has given concession on fee ,books & uniforms to many needy & deserving students.Based on the merit every year the Trust is also giving scholarships to one child in each class (ie 2 – 10 stds ) .